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Why FLA?

Faith Lutheran Academy - Why Us?

Our Mission: The mission of Faith Community Lutheran Church and Schools is “Inviting People to Know Jesus.” We are dedicated to Christ-centered service that reaches the Las Vegas community, the nation, and the world with the love and compassion of Christ.

Our Vision: Faith Lutheran Academy’s vision is to “Empower children to Transform the World for Eternity.” In faithfulness to our vision, Faith Lutheran Academy nurtures the whole child through a well-rounded, culturally enriched academic program that enables students to actualize their potential and prepares them to assume roles of leadership and influence today and in the future.

Pillars of Excellence: Faith Lutheran Academy is founded on three pillars of excellence for its students and families: 
1) Faith in Jesus - this pillar is the foundation of our existence for hope and assurance of life everlasting, not only for the student but also for the parents. Jesus's moral life and character provides an influence and example of how we are to live as human beings. 
2) Loving Relationship - this pillar is the foundation of how students are to interact with their peers, their teachers, their families and friends. This is also important for the staff and parents of the school as role models. Students are a reflection of the image modeled for them on a daily basis. 
3) Academic Excellence - this pillar is what education is all about. Schools must aspire to provide students with rich and deep learning experiences, by creating an environment where a student can excel in scholastic activities and demonstrate superior performance. But academic excellence is more than just getting good grades. It is also about developing the student's character and social emotional well-being.


Credentialed Faculty: Faith Lutheran Academy has a well-qualified, credentialed faculty that is committed to delivering rich and rigorous academics. Over half of our faculty members have a Master’s degree in education or higher.

Accreditation: Faith Lutheran Academy is accredited by NLSA and is an NLSA “Exemplary Accredited” School.

Student Body: FLA has 432 students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. The Academy is large enough to have many activities and fun events for students and parents, and small enough to concentrate on student success and maintain a sense of community.

Continuity: Faith Lutheran Academy is the largest direct feeder school to Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School. 94% of FLA students go to FLMS for 6th grade.

Community Service: The school is involved in a variety of service projects and mission projects within the community and the world. We hope to instill a deep understanding of good stewardship relative to God’s time, talent, and resources within the students. In other words, we teach students to be the change agents at church and school today, as well as empowering them for the future.

Chapel: Students lead several daily prayers in their classrooms. Moreover, students at every grade level take turns sharing a Biblical message with fellow students, faculty, staff, and families during weekly chapel services. Chapel gives students multiple opportunities to minister to others while practicing their public speaking skills and drama. As a result, students better understand how they can apply God’s Word to their daily lives.

Child-Centered Activities: Students are actively engaged in learning and challenged to apply higher-order thinking skills through teacher-facilitated and child-centered instructional activities.

Technology Integration Across the Grades: Faith Lutheran Academy prides itself on focusing on the development of technological literacy to support skills and applications necessary for the Information Age. Integration and cross-curricular activities promote independent and collaborative, lifelong learning.

Technological Resources in the Classroom: All classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards or an Interactive Projector. In addition, each classroom has access to Apple TV, and students are 1:1 with iPads. We have a full-time technology coordinator to assist our students and teachers with successful technology integration.

Before- and After-School Care: Our Safe Key program runs from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., thereby catering to many working families. Your child will be involved in recreational and many other creative activities, such as devotions, art, science, technology, athletics, cooking, field trips, study groups, and interaction with peers. Qualified staff members all contribute to a healthy community at Faith Lutheran Academy’s Safe Key and Camps.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL):  Second Step is a program rooted in social-emotional learning that helps schools to focus on improving a student's cooperation, communication and decision making. In a world where emotional intelligence is critical for lifelong happiness, successful careers, healthier relationships, SEL gives students a framework for developing these skills.

Location: Faith Lutheran Academy is located in the heart of Summerlin, with easy access to the 215 Beltway.