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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

One of Faith Lutheran Academy’s greatest strengths is its highly committed faculty and staff. More than half of our 46 staff members hold a Master's Degree or higher, while several others are currently pursuing graduate studies. We demonstrate the value of and develop the tradition of academic excellence.

FLA teachers are recognized as positive, committed role models within and beyond the classroom. Many participate on various school committees, and present at education workshops, both locally and within our district. Through ongoing professional development, new learning experiences emerge for both students and teachers, strengthening the vision of FLA: Empowering God's Children to Transform the World for Eternity.


 Diana Bartholomew                                                       Wendy Kothe
 Principal                                                                             Assistant Principal


Stacey Walter
Director of Admissions


Office Staff


Tonya McDaniel                   Debra Power                              Teresa Abdo                      
Office Manager                      Office Associate                          Office Associate


Academy Teachers



  Susan Brandt                            Alicia Hibler                       Terri Humphrey

First Grade


Jamie Murray                      Gemma Raymond                  Molly-Ann Wells

Second Grade


Heather Cook                            Theresa Norton                            Sharon Whightsil 

Third Grade


Chelsea Axtman                         Annie Connolly                          Michelle Sprouse

Fourth Grade


  Colleen Conlon                      Jamie McCormick                    Jennifer Schedler           

Fifth Grade


Andrea Buskirk                Brenda Granley                    Michael Kinkenon                        

Specialist Teachers

Jennifer Holladay                     Michelle Juan                              Julie Klenz 
     Spanish                                       Library                                          Music 
 Brandon Kotake                Janice Wolfenbarger                     Amy Yatsko
    3-5 PE/Chapel                                  Art                                      K-2 PE/SafeKey
         Valerie Fogo
Student Support Services

Technology Staff


   Michael Feil                                    Angela Olson
Director of Technology             Technology Coordinator
Teacher Assistants
                     Marissa                               Joyce                              Karen 
                   Borzachiello                           Hood                              Jaster                        
          Mason                        Lynda                               Rebecca                         Kinsey
           Logan                        Lusch                               McMahon                      Netzorg
       Sherry                           Kirstie                              Melissa
        Orne                               Rice                                Steffen
Facilities Staff

       Kahale Zimmerman                        Cody Stein