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At Faith Lutheran Academy, we are aware of the important role that technology plays in our daily lives. We strive to integrate useful and educationally relevant technology throughout the curriculum. Using technology allows students to think critically, express creativity, collaborate meaningfully, facilitate student-led discussions, create presentations, and share information.

We promote technology literacy and “transliteracy: the ability to read, write, and interact across a range of platforms, tools, and media.” In an effort to give students a technology-driven educational experience, we begin introducing these experiences in kindergarten.  Technology is utilized throughout daily instruction, both in the classroom and specialist activities. FLA has invested significantly in technology hardware, equipment, software, access, and security.

All students in grades 1-5 have 1:1 iPad access for mobile learning at the point of instruction. Kindergarten access is limited and developmentally appropriate. In addition, Technology is infused into the classroom curriculum and the technology coordinator is available on a daily basis to assist teachers with instruction. The Academy has equipped classrooms with interactive projectors.   

Beginning in Kindergarten, students have access to an all-inclusive Digital Literacy program called  Students are exposed to various lessons ranging from Keyboarding to Digital Citizenship.  With this program and our Technology Coordinator, students receive instruction on how to remain safe online and about grade-appropriate digital literacy topics.  Students are challenged to recognize their ethical responsibility as a user. In support of this, each student and faculty member signs an Acceptable Use Policy.

Key technology features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Apple TVs in each classroom
  • 1-to-1 iPad access for all students in grades 1-5 (Academy owned devices in grades K-2, Take home, Academy Owned devices in grades 3-5)
  • Interactive Whiteboards throughout the school
  • Filtered and secure LAN and wireless Internet access throughout the school
  • Secure portal for parent/teacher/student communication through
  • Google Drive and Docs/email accounts for grades 3-5
  • Renaissance Place accounts for all students
  • to support digital literacy (access for grades K-5)
  • Dreambox (math) and Reflex (math) to support the math curriculum
  • Connect Ed access to support Reading and Math curriculum
  • Office 365 Tools for grades 3-5
  • Apple Classroom
  • Google Classroom for grades 3-5